Clare Brassil is an experienced teacher of classroom music, bands and ensembles, small group and individual students. She has taught cello and string ensembles at many schools throughout Melbourne and Sydney, but it was when she moved back to her home town of Wagga, and became a secondary school teacher, that she discovered her passion for teaching and learning. As Director of Music at Kildare Catholic College, she built a band and ensembles program from inception to sonorous activity, creating and conducting a senior band, a junior band, an innovative recruitment program, an orchestra, a choir, a boys singing program, a primary schools outreach program, and taught classroom music for Stage 4, 5 and 6 (NSW BOS Syllabus). She is now Director of Performance Music at The Riverina Anglican College (TRAC), Wagga Wagga, where she is working with a team of committed teachers to integrate single line instrument playing within the Mandatory Stage 4 Program. This innovative program fulfills one of Clare's developing theories: that school based instrumental programs will best succeed if they move from extra-curricular to within the teaching and learning environment. Clare is also a passionate advocate for positioning music within cross-curricular contexts to enrich learning for all students, and increase the relevance and accessibility of music in education. 

Flipped classroom:
Musical concept terminology definitions for Stage 6

Clare Brassil shares teaching and learning ideas in workshops for secondary students, primary and secondary school teachers, and instrumental teachers. She will soon have opportunity to present workshops hosted by BOSTES Teachers Institute Accredited providers.
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Clare is excited about the concept of collaborative expertise in teaching and learning. She is continuously building her practice by reading, discussing, and reflecting, with her immediate teaching and learning colleagues, and with the inspiring online commnity of contemporary pedagogues. Clare enjoys the Twittersphere as a platform for sharing ideas in education, and is currently drawing enormous inspiration and intellectual stimulation from the AITSL website. 
Professional development shapes Clare's teaching and learning experience. She has completed accreditation with GE Coaching International and believes in the incredible benefits of coaching within a professional environment. In collaboration with her colleagues, Clare works within a professional peer coaching environment, asking for, and offering, skill specific mentoring to improve teacher practice. She believes that the quality of instrumental teaching must reflect the fluidity of contemporary pedagogy, and that coaching is a key component of best practice teaching in music. Clare has been privileged enough to attend workshops on Inquiry Cycle Planning with leading education academic, Helen Timperley. Clare's approach to education embraces self-perpetuating cycles of data-informed improvement, which in itself, is exemplary creative practice.