Off the wall venues, new and old music, looped and effected, 

In 2015,
Clare played classical chamber music concerts in the RCM Concert Series.
Cello Riot began with a 
support gig for Katie Noonan, then continued on with an experimental showdown at the Eastern Riverina Arts; and a tribute to
National Science Week
at the
Riverina Regional Library.
The inaugural
Bach in the Park
bowled over the old 'uns for Wagga Wagga City Council's Seniors Week.
Concerts featuring looped new works, inimitable covers, and Bach, layered, upended, restitched and effected, in venues outside the ordinary.
Cello Riot's most recent performances feature her latest works....traversing a happy sad spectrum of emotional sound. From the calm sounds and noises of beautiful Wagga mornings, through to the memory of a painful death, to an innocent poem of simple love, Cello Riot combines a lulling sound with textural artistry for a sonic experience.
"I'm not sure what will come out next.......but my music seems evocative of place and feeling, reflecting the imagery that walks around in my film music without a words, but busy with dialogue....." Cello Riot, 2015.
videos and recordings of Clare and Cello Riot on the See and Hear page.

Cello Riot at Eastern Riverina Arts, July 2015

Bach in the Park 2015 - The inaugural experiment
Cello Riot's looping adventure starts with Bach,
or maybe her Bach adventure starts with looping.....
C Major Sarabande, in layers..
set against a beautiful autumn evening
at the Wollundary Ampitheatre
Next performances.....
Cello Riot performs all 6 suites throughout 2017/18 in various venues around the Riverina
She launches her debut album at the end of 2016
Stay tuned for Cello Riot workshops and shows throughout 2016.
Clare performs a Led Zeppelin Tribute with the Sydney Lyric Orchestra at the Sydney Opera House on January 15 and 16.
Clare plays with Lauren Davis, Hamish Tait, Tamaris Pfieffer and Damien Jones in the RCM Concert Series in June and November, 2016.
Visit the RCM website for details